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Our Vision & Mission?

Petrofan has worked hard to define project process that ensures all project team members are working with the latest and most accurate information available. The project structure we use in all projects helps to ensure that each phase of the project transitions appropriately each and every time the phase is executes.

Mobilization - This is our opportunity to visit the project site and gain greater insight into the specific automation that is to be completed.

Documentation - Projects completed are accurately documented to provide the facility with a useful resource for future development.

Development - All projects are programmed and reviewed to ensure all projects are adequately designed.

Commissioning - Programming is commissionedfollowing an outlined testing plan to ensure all functions of the program are reviewed in the actual environment.

Project Closeout - This phase gives us the opportunity to follow-up with the work that has been completed to ensure that you are satisfied. We will also provide a thorough documentation package of the newly automated process.

Warranty - Project work comes with a project specific warranty to ensure the system we have provided functions as designed within the terms established.

Since 1964

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