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Who Are We?

Global Reach, Application Expertise and a Heritage of Quality PETROFAN provides products, solutions, and services that drive industrial automation production to greater heights. With brands that are world renowned for ingenuity and quality, we play a vital role enhancing every phase of discrete manufacturing in every industry.
we try to meet the unique demands of customer’s applications across numerous industrial applications around the world.

Why clients choose us?

  • Our deliberate focus on a very select number of automation products has resulted in the development of expert level and best practice implementation skills
  • The engineering team is determined to ensure that the limits of the automation products utilized are not exceeded
  • A pragmatic approach to projects ensures that client solutions remain uncomplicated
  • The multidiscipline engineering team constantly collaborates on project designs
  • Engineered solutions are always well documented
  • Engineered solutions are always fully tested before they leave the office
  • The engineering team has vast experience with accepting and completing projects that have run into adversity
  • Alliances with key product vendors have been established, resulting in access to superior levels of product support 

Since 1964

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